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The Gift of Happy


Disclosure:  This post was created in collaboration with Happy Cards.  All thoughts and opinions are ALWAYS my own! #holidayswithhappycards

This is it my friends…we are down to the final count!  I don’t know about you, but I still have a few more gifts to buy, and LOTS of wrapping left!  I know as my kids have gotten older the gift ideas can be a little harder to come up with…they have phones, laptops, video games, clothes, headphones…pretty much everything they realistically “need” right?? And, what about that girlfriend, Mom, or Sister that you know loves a variety of stores?

I love receiving gift cards, but I know as I am shopping for someone else, and I stand at that massive display in the grocery store, I start overthinking it…”should I get $25 to Sephora and $25 to Bed Bath and Beyond?  But what if what she really wants at Sephora is $50? Uggghh”  So, this year I am so excited to be gifting Happy Cards!  It’s the perfect gift to give when you want to give choices!  So now, she can shop at some of her favorite brands…all on ONE card!  Done and done!

So this year, avoid the chaos of holiday shopping, and the stress of wondering what to give that special someone.  Get Happy, give Happy.  It’s the only gift card that pairs them with their favorite brands!  Happy Cards!



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